Contracts. Absolute Professional with a Personal Touch.  I interviewed three attorneys before finding Leigh. My issue was complex and required a great deal of explanation. She not only listened intently and asked excellent questions, but really showed how much she cared about the resolution of my conflict. Where other potential lawyers failed to examine my case, or even relate to it’s nuances, Leigh suggested several steps for me to follow to achieve resolution, and encouraged me on each of those. I have her on retainer and plan to continue using her services for my business needs as long as she is available.  -Anon.

Contracts/Fraud.  The Gods must have been smiling when I randomly picked T. Leigh Hearn Rushton to represent me in a matter out of state. I lucked out. . She is everything a lawyer should be and more: smart, strategic, responsive, efficient and with a great sense of humor to boot !! I highly recommend her. – Catherine

Contracts.  Harold and Leigh have done a great job in representing me. We were able to reach a relatively speedy settlement in my case. They were prompt in both responding to my emails and my phone calls which is a rarity among attorneys. Furthermore, their legal writing is concise and to the point. Highly recommend. 5 stars! – Robert

Contracts.  Harold approached my case with patience and a well-rounded perspective. His advice during the consultation was incredibly useful and well researched. I felt like my time was respected as he offered his expertise. His demeanor was candidly professional, but also personal. I would absolutely hire Harold again and will be using him for contracts and documents after my case is resolved. -Janelle

Contracts. I hired T. Leigh for a case that involved thousands of dollars of damage to my home. I can’t recommend her high enough as her expertise and sheer determination to get results made all the difference in the outcome of my case. She was tenacious with the defendant’s attorney who didn’t properly respond to discovery requests or communications. Her knowledge of the law and exhibits at mediation showed them they would lose big. I really think the other side was glad to settle and pay my damages!  Should I ever need another lawyer (and I hope I don’t!) she will be the only call I’d make!