Order of Protection

Order of Protection. Awesome and Experienced Representation! From the initial phone call, I knew that I had someone on my side! Harold Rushton is a caring and kind human, that was truly invested in my well being. He helped ease my fear about going through another round of court with my abuser, by using a smart, and strategic approach. At the end of the day, I had a sense of peace around a situation that had, up until that point, been completely frightening. -B.C.

Order of Protection. I wish I could truly convey what Ms. Hearn-Rushton has meant to me these past few months. She helped get a wrongful Order of Protection against me overturned and dismissed and showed me the care and thoughtfulness that a true friend or family member would. She has gone above and beyond for me every time it was called for. I literally couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you T. Leigh, thank you… – E.R.

Order of Protection. T. Leigh is an incredibly astute and passionate attorney, and someone I’ve been regularly thankful for throughout my long, drawn-out case. Motivated by a strong sense of justice, she has put in countless hours on my behalf, helping me to triumph over a wrongful order of protection and navigate the complexities involved in getting my money back amidst obstructive nuisance litigation from the other side. She nailed every detail of this case, from her incredible (and necessarily brutal, although perfectly courteous) cross-examination of the petitioner, to keeping a level head while opposing counsel harassed her on the phone, to communicating perfectly with the multiple judges who have been involved. Always transparent and fun to work with, I can’t recommend T. Leigh enough. Hire her. – Look-like Booking

Order of Protection.  Leigh fought tooth and nail for me and got my order of protection dismissed. She was meticulous with her approach and even improvised with some great surprise questions to the petitioner that took the air out of the accusation, and deflated the opposition. She is very caring, and I felt like she was more family than my lawyer.  Oh, and Harold is the perfect ally for her. Watching both of them together helped me rationalize what an ideal marriage should be like. Maybe that’s why they practice together – to give their clients hope.  Thank you for everything Leigh! I see light at the end of the tunnel.  -Sarang