Contracts. Absolute Professional with a Personal Touch.  I interviewed 3 attorney’s before finding Leigh. My issue was complex and required a great deal of explanation. She not only listened intently and asked excellent questions, but really showed how much she cared about the resolution of my conflict. Where other potential lawyers failed to examine my case, or even relate to it’s nuances, Leigh suggested several steps for me to follow to achieve resolution, and encouraged me on each of those. I have her on retainer and plan to continue using her services for my business needs as long as she is available.  -Anon.

Order of Protection. Awesome and Experienced Representation! From the initial phone call, I knew that I had someone on my side! Harold Rushton is a caring and kind human, that was truly invested in my well being. He listened carefully to my concerns, and had quick responses to all of my questions. He helped ease my fear about going through another round of court with my abuser, by using a smart, and strategic approach. At the end of the day, I had a sense of peace around a situation that had, up until that point, been completely frightening. He is a good person, and that is so very important when dealing with difficult situations. B.C.

Order of ProtectionLeigh fought tooth and nail for me and got my order of protection dismissed. She was meticulous with her approach and even improvised with some great surprise questions to the petitioner that took the air out of the accusation, and deflated the opposition. She is very caring, and I felt like she was more family than my lawyer.  Oh, and Harold is the perfect ally for her. Watching both of them together helped me rationalize what an ideal marriage should be like. Maybe that’s why they practice together – to give their clients hope.  Thank you for everything Leigh! I see light at the end of the tunnel.  -Sarang

Divorce. This attorney always responded promptly to my communications. She was a wealth of knowledge and her written pleadings were done precisely. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case due to her help. I would definitely hire her again.  -Emmie

Divorce / Child Support.  Leigh has been a blessing to me and my family. She has went above and beyond the scope of what any lawyer would have done. She has walked with me through this tough ordeal of dealing with my divorce. I thought my case was going to be simple, but it turned out to be more difficult. That did not stop Leigh from working even harder for me and my family. Leigh was able to prove to the court that my husband lied to the court. Due to this we were granted the motion and more. What an exciting win!

When I was down, she always saw a positive and always had kind words to lift my spirits. She is truly a genuine person. She listens.  She advises and shares the knowledge with you. She makes sure that whatever is done, it is always in your best interest. I am so thankful and grateful that she is my lawyer.   -W  July 2016.

Divorce.   Just Excellent. T. Leigh Hearn-Rushton really helped me address my concerns moving forward with my divorce. What impressed me with her is that she is a good distance away from me so hiring her would have been expensive. And further more, we had been playing phone tag for a month but could not catch one another. When we finally spoke again, she was able to recall who I was and the situation we had discussed. She have me great advice for my circumstance and even offered to help me find an attorney closer to me. This shows she had great integrity and really has a genuine desire to help anyway she can!

DivorceExceptional Attorney.  Mrs. Leigh Hearn-Rushton is an exceptional attorney. She is available when ever you need her and always great at returning phone calls. I told her a few things about my situation but she instantly knew and remembered everything about me as if she had known me for months! She’s very friendly and down to earth as well. I’d consider her as one of Nashville’s best attorneys and if anyone is going through a divorce or any other family issue please contact Mrs. Leigh Hearn-Rushton to fight for you! -Adrienne

Divorce.  So far, so great!  I contacted Leigh after opposing counsel tried to strong arm me into a settlement that was unfair to me, and Leigh got the case dismissed. She is diligent and detailed, two traits that I find absolutely necessary in an attorney. She maintains communication and never did I feel like I was out of the loop.

DivorceWhen we meet for my consultation I was instantly at ease. This is a life changing transition for me and I was relieved by the assurance, compassion, and expertise of the Rushton’s Law Firm. I trust my case in their hands.


Wills and EstatesAfter my husband passed away, two life insurance companies wouldn’t send me my money. One company said they would keep my money in a checking account instead of sending full payment. The second wouldn’t pay or respond even though I had sent everything and called repeatedly. I was a new widow and they were taking advantage of me. I felt helpless. I called T. Leigh and she got both companies to immediately send me payment in full.

It is sad companies won’t do what they are supposed to do and that you have to get a lawyer involved to make them do it. I don’t know what she said but I’m glad I was not on the other end of the line! T. Leigh stood up for me and made sure I got the payments I was owed!  -C.


Real Property.  I hired T. Leigh for a case that involved thousands of dollars of damage to my home. I can’t recommend her high enough as her expertise and sheer determination to get results made all the difference in the outcome of my case. She was tenacious with the defendant’s attorney who didn’t properly respond to discovery requests or communications. Her knowledge of the law and exhibits at mediation showed them they would lose big. I really think the other side was glad to settle and pay my damages!

Should I ever need another lawyer (and I hope I don’t!) she will be the only call I’d make!


Criminal Defense/Civil RightsIn spring 2011, my son and a friend were walking in a residential area when they were falsely arrested. My son was held over night, wasn’t read his rights, was threatened with being put in the adult jail population, called offensive names, had his pockets shredded and the other boy was stripped searched twice!  The boys were released the next morning and given back their property.  My son’s new iphone had been crushed after the police took it from him during the arrest.  He was about to start college and now had a criminal record – for nothing.

I believe, with Leigh’s advocacy, they knew we had a civil rights violation case and they wanted to avoid it.  The sheriff’s department even replaced my son’s destroyed iphone.  It was a stressful time for me as a mother and I’m grateful for Leigh’s help when I needed her.  – Michele


Employment Law / First Amendment.  Best in the Business. I was in need of attorney, I had called several but when I spoke to the Rushtons I knew that they were the right ones for the job. I immediately felt like they truly cared about my case and my family. I never got that feeling from anyone else. I would highly recommend them.-JL

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