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DUI conviction can have significant impact on your future!

dui1Many times good people find themselves in a bad situation.   Over the course of my career I have witnessed this happen many times.   Good, hard working people who found themselves running afoul of the law by just one or two drinks too many.

DUI is the abbreviation for driving under the influence.  Although we commonly think of DUI as meaning driving an automobile after having too many alcoholic beverages, but it doesn’t stop there.   It can also mean driving under the influence of a controlled substance, medication, marijuana, or even some legal substance that causes impairment to an extent that one can no longer operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner.  All of these are big trouble if you are accused and charged with DUI.

Most states have significantly cracked down on DUI arrests.  They have legislated severe penalties and take DUI enforcement very seriously.   Tennessee state law even makes it a criminal offense to refuse to take a breath test during a DUI investigation!

What does this mean to you, the average hard working citizen?   It means a DUI conviction could have significant adverse implications on your future.   A DUI conviction could bar you from gaining employment, it could cause your employer to terminate your employment, it could cause you to spend time in jail, pay thousands of dollars in fines, court costs and legal fees and it could even adversely affect child custody agreements in divorce situations.  There are many ramifications to having been convicted of a simple DUI.

Things may become even more serious if you are involved in a traffic accident where someone is injured or killed and you are accused of being under the influence.   This typically triggers a traffic homicide investigation where the state may seek to prosecute you for assault or even vehicular homicide, depending on the facts of the case.   This is not a good place to be and if you are accused of a very serious charge, you need a competent attorney to protect your rights.

After a collision such as I have just described, you may need immediate representation.  The police will typically attempt to interview you, take a statement, request samples of your blood for analysis, request that you submit to a breath test or other types of evidentiary collection.   You should immediately seek an attorney to help you though this process.   You have both the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney during questioning.   You also have other civil rights under the Tennessee Constitution and the U.S. Constitution that your attorney will assist in protecting.   Don’t try to go it alone, seek counsel.

If you’ve been accused of a DUI, traffic homicide, vehicular assault, or other criminal offense, we are here to help.  Harold Rushton, Esq. is a Nashville, TN based Attorney.  He has a vast amount of experience as a state trooper traffic homicide investigator and traffic accident reconstructionist.  He knows what to expect from law enforcement and how to defend your rights against improper or unjust prosecution.  He will skillfully defend your rights, protect your interests and will diligently serve your needs as a criminal defense attorney.  At The Rushton Law Firm, we understand that bad things sometimes happen to good, hard working people.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges and are seeking the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, call The Rushton Law Firm, PLLC today for a FREE consultation.  (615)576-0071 or (615)815-9967

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