Parenting Education Course Resources:

Parents are required to participate in a parenting education course as part of their parenting plan.  Once your divorce is finalized, the requirement to attend the parenting course becomes a court order.  It must be completed within a specified time to avoid potential contempt of court.  Two options are listed below.  Be sure your judge approves of a particular provider.

Parenting Plans:

Parenting Plans (Temporary and Permanent) are required for divorcing couples or between couples who wish to formally establish child support, parenting time with each parent, holiday division, health insurance, life insurance and other items.  The parenting plan formalizes the rights of the parents and the care of the child(ren).

The Temporary Parenting Plan is put into place as part of filing for divorce.  The Permanent Parenting Plan is put into effect upon divorce or finalizing the details between unmarried parties.

To view these forms, visit, click Programs, then Parenting Plans from the drop down menu.  Look to your left for the forms themselves.

Child Support:

Child Support Guidelines:

Child Suport Modification:

Establishing Paternity:

Other Resources:

  • Divorce Care:  This website states it offers free help ..”for separated, divorced, and never-married parents. Because peace for children is success for parents.”