What To Wear To Court (not Pajamas)

If you are reading this, you likely have a court date on the horizon and aren’t sure how things work – including what to wear. It is good you are already getting ready for your court date and working on being prepared.

Different courts have different rules, but across the board, it is important to dress appropriately and in a way that indicates your respect for the court.  If you are not attired properly, the bailiff (the court officer) could ask you to leave the courtroom until you have corrected your clothing issue. For example, in most courts, you are not allowed to wear hats, halter tops, midriff shirts, untucked shirts, low hanging pants or other attire that shows too much skin or just is too casual for the courtroom.

pajamasA Clerk of Court in Pennsylvania recently had signs posted in the court room indicating that pajamas are not appropriate court attire.  Really!  Pajamas!  You would think that would be obvious “what not to wear” but clearly, in that courtroom, it had happened one too many times.

So, what do you wear? You don’t have to wear a suit, but being tidy and presentable is always a good idea. Men can safely dress in slacks and a button down shirt. Ladies can wear the same or a skirt (make sure it is knee length or just above – no mini-skirts, please).

Again, the overall tone is to show the court respect both by your actions and your attire.  Just keep the pajamas at home and you should be fine.

T. Leigh Hearn-Rushton

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